The Elmwood Club (TEC) has two main goals:

·         Support affiliated sporting clubs and community groups.

·         Build a facility that will include an indoor bowling green (a first for Canterbury) and an attached multi use sport/school hall.

The sport and recreation industry has changed significantly in recent years and the ‘Sports Hub’ concept has proven to be successful in many parts of the country. TEC see this concept as a way forward for their affiliated clubs. It enables clubs to work together to maximise access to funding, increase sporting and recreational opportunities, involve local schools and the wider community. The strong administrative support offered by TEC will assist clubs to move efficiently and effectively into the future.

The new facility will be built on Christchurch City Council (CCC) leased land and Ministry of Education land. The facility will be used by TEC affiliated clubs and the community during weekends, mornings and evenings, Heaton Intermediate will be primary users during school hours. TEC will use this facility to create a variety of recreational opportunities including pay for play, training and competition games. The partnership between school and community is unique, forward thinking and will meet the needs of our immediate and wider community well into the future.

Currently our most important asset is the knowledge base, enthusiasm and networks of current members. TEC board members bring a variety of backgrounds and expertise to the table; business, financial, sport, recreation and facility management.

The purpose of the Community Development Manager and Sports Coordinator is to increase awareness of what TEC has to offer; to communicate and liaise widely while provide recreational opportunities to members, local schools, stakeholders and the wider community.